Newsletter Volume 22 02/12/12


Buhle has been sad for a while now. At 9 years old, she has watched many children come and go....

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Newsletter Volume 21 02/11/12


Every time I think of when Sarah first came to us, I can’t help but picture a mouse. Her face was down and she wouldn’t look you in the eye......

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Newsletter Volume 20 29/09/12


Newsletter Volume 19 30/08/12


Like many organizations, Oasis Haven works hard to make every Rand stretch as far as it can. With vaious checks and balances, we have measured success in our own special way......

Newsletter Volume 18 27/07/12

COMING HOME...Two years ago we received Kea and Mpho from a social worker who had reported that their parents were going through a difficult period in their marriage. The authorities had deemed their home an unsafe environment for the children, so the two bright siblings were brought to Oasis Haven.

Newsletter Volume 17 27/06/12


Nkosi told us that he stopped praying for a family this week. For two years he has been waiting, hoping for a family of his very own. As he watched other children meeting their new mommies and daddies, then leave to start their new life, Nkosi would ask God to send a family just for him.

Newsletter Volume 16 30/05/12

TUMI IS AN ORPHAN TOO...   She was a young teenage girl from the community. With a bubbly personality and a smile that would brighten the gloomiest day, it was hard to believe her stories of being shuffled around and regularly abused by so many.

Newsletter Volume 15 26/04/12

WELCOME HOME NOMI: The call came on Monday afternoon.  A desperate social worker was on the other end of the phone, searching for a home for Nomi; a little girl who had been found abandoned in the streets of the city....

Newsletter Volume 14 28/03/12


Abandoned at birth, she was the sickest baby Dr. Conradie had ever started on ART (Antiretroviral Treatment). Spending her first three months in hospital before coming to our Family Home, baby Buhle was in and out of hospital throughout the first year of her life... 

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Adoption Discovery - 16/03/2012

Join us for an informational evening focusing on South African adoption. In the hopes of addressing the common obstacles, questions and myths surrounding the adoptive process, we will provide you and your family with the facts and the necessary resources.

There is no cost and no obligation associated with your attendance. Rather, we ask that you come to learn more, begin the discussion and discover the truth about adoption for yourself.