Making the Promise - 8/3/2012

Every parent makes an unspoken promise to their child. A promise to feed and clothe them, a promise to keep them safe and secure, a promise to love and care for them. It is a promise to meet each unique need within each precious child until they are able to care for themselves.

At Oasis Haven, we make the same promise to the children in our Family Homes. It is our commitment to every child that we will do our best to be “family” in every way.

But we cannot make that promise alone…

We Kid U Not - 6/3/2012

Are you looking for great family deals? Want to support Oasis Haven in a significant way?

We Kid U Not is a family for families! Whether you have a birthday or celebration coming up or you simply need a little “me time” for being such a great parent, We Kid U Not has great deals available for you. We Kid U Not finds family friendly products, services and experiences and lets you in on the deal by email, Facebook or Twitter.

Here's how it works:

Newsletter Volume 13 - 7/3/2012

Redeeming Kgamogelo's Story

One week after their arrival from America, we watched as Kgamogelo ran down the garden path to jump into his new parents’ arms. Dad lifted him high and didn’t bother to notice Kgamogelo’s muddy shoes on his nice, clean shirt. This was the moment when Kgamogelo’s story was forever redeemed...

Thanks to the Baby Expo: Mama Magic - 05/12/2011

We want to say a special "thank you" to the Exposure Marketing and The Baby Expo: Mama Magic for sponsoring Oasis Have for the November Johannesburg show and for helping us to promote adoption with their clientele. With their help we shared Oasis Haven with 2,000 people and raised R1 500 in our raffle drawing (raffle prize donated by Hello Johannesburg Magazine).

Christmas with Oasis Haven - 22/11/2011

Help us make the festive season a magical time for the children in our Family Homes. From sponsoring presents to purchasing groceries for Christmas dinner to helping us get ready for the first day of school--there are a number of ways that you can bring a little holiday cheer to our "families".

Download our Christmas Wish List on the right or contact Claire for more information at claire [at] oasishaven [dot] org.

The Baby Expo: Mama Magic - 3/11/2011

Visit us at The Baby Expo: Mama Magic on 24-27 November. We will be raffling off several prizes donated by Spinner Communications and sharing with expo visitors about our adoption programmes. To find out more about The Baby Expo, visit their website.

Coming to the Table: Commemorating World AIDS Day - 3/11/2011

Coming to the Table is a great way to commemorate World AIDS Day, 1 December, and to make a significant impact at the same time.