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Newsletter 21 - 2012


Over the last few years, we have shared several stories of our Nkosi.  From his abandonment at only 18 months old and his happy welcome into the Oasis Haven family, to his deep and quickly waning hope for parents of his very own.

This year holds a very different story as we celebrate Nkosi's adoption and new life with his new family. In the same month that he had begun to lose hope, we were able to tell Nkosi that his prayer had finally been answered.  His new parents would be coming to fetch him from the United States. Through a wide and toothy smile, he responded with, "I KNEW I would go to America!"

A few Skype chats helped pass the time, and by November, they had arrived. Nkosi couldn't wait to jump into the arms of his new parents, and begin their new life as a family together. While they waited for paperwork and court appointments here in South Africa, they spent their days swimming, playing, and bonding as parents and children do.

Just before his 8th birthday, the family loaded onto a plane and headed home to the U.S. Throughout the holidays we have received updates that have been nothing short of beautiful. With a big family full of grandparents and cousins, a new school with fast friends and kind teachers, and a mom and dad to call his own forever, Nkosi's wildest dreams have surely come true.


A new year has dawned at Oasis Haven and nothing spells out Back-To-School like the month of January. As in most households it is a chaotic month and for the housemothers in our family homes it is no different. Stationary and uniform inventory lists begin to surface as children change grades and their limbs grow longer.

According to UNESCO, in South Africa there are around 735,000 children who are not in Primary or High School thus leaving them without a fair opportunity to realize their dreams. A life without education or medical care was the likely future for many of the girls and boys that call Oasis Haven home. We are grateful to many of our special Aunties and Uncles who have helped sponsor school fees, uniforms and stationary this January.  They have made a lifelong investment in children previously destined for a future without hope.

You can make this same investment, and help a future musician, sportsman or doctor realize their dream by Making the Promise or email info@oasishaven.org for further information.


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