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Newsletter 25 - 2013


For most girls Tumi’s age, having a birthday party is normal and a super sweet sixteenth birthday party is expected to be planned. However Tumi’s turbulent background of consistent loss and abandonment has meant that she has never been afforded the luxury of a birthday party, a day to celebrate with the people she loves and people who love her back.

She came to us at the age of 14, a typical teenage girl carrying the unjust and overwhelming consequences of abuse and orphanhood.

With a heart full of hope, a strong will to succeed and the guidance of special adults in her life, Tumi has blossomed into a confident and beautiful young woman and last Friday, she had her 16th birthday... her first birthday party. Tumi was over the moon to have her friends over. They laughed, smiled and played together as they snacked on pizza and drank fizzy drinks. It wasn’t the gifts or the extravagance that excited her but rather the simple things like making the party invitations and having her best friend sleep over for the first time.

And so Tumi rang in her 16th year with the joy and affection she’s always deserved. Happy birthday precious girl may this be the beginning of a year full of dreams and laughter!


Coming up with a fresh idea for corporate gifts can be a daunting task. Key holders, pens, coffee mugs— none quite communicate the value you place on your clientele or employees. Giving Hope is a fresh idea that shows your commitment to your clientele and to the betterment of your community.

By making a donation to Oasis Haven in the names of your clients or employees you share a powerful story of hope, a story of abandoned children finding family. It is a gift that will not sit unused, that will not gather dust on a shelf, and that will not be lost in a pile of other corporate mementos. Oasis Haven will provide you with a Section 18 A receipt depending on the size of your gift and a “thank you” from our team and let your clients know the difference you have made in their name.

To participate in Giving Hope or to talk directly to an Oasis Haven representative, please contact Ivan at: ivan@oasishaven.org or +27 11 678 8057


Ladies and Gentlemen, encouraged by our resounding success in last year’s Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, we are excited to announce that registration for this year’s Cycle Challenge is now open.

2013 is promising to be an even bigger year as we will be introducing a new cycling shirt, launching an interactive Team Oasis Haven website and coordinating local rides to get people prepared for the big race while having a blast with their friends. This is a great opportunity to have fun, exercise and support the children in our family homes.

To register click here and don’t forget to tell a friend.


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- 11 April 2013


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