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Newsletter 21 - 2012


By Sarinah Gededzah, Houseparent at Oasis Haven

Every time I think of when Sarah first came to us, I can’t help but picture a mouse. Her face was down and she wouldn’t look you in the eye. She seemed scared all the time and when she would speak, you could barely hear her. It was almost like she was quietly singing and she never had her own opinion. Sarah seemed to not know how to play; she was like a little woman not an eleven year old girl. All she knew to do was house chores.

I would often catch her with a broom or a mop trying to scrub the floor. She seemed to think that was expected of her, to earn her keep. Sarah struggled to interact with her 9 year old brother, they always sat separately. She was often very sad, seeming not to know how beautiful she was. When she started discovering dolls for the first time, she sat for hours talking to them and brushing their hair. Though I thought she was too old for that kind of play, it just showed that she never had time to play like other children. She wanted to please the adults and always wanted to do the right thing.

Now, just over a year since she and her brother arrived, she is this beautiful, confident, and happy young lady. Sarah is sure of herself, knowing now that she is good enough. She stands up for herself now. She does chores with the rest of the children, but knows she doesn’t have to do everything. She offers to help me around the house, even though she doesn’t have to.

She is incredibly neat, very friendly, and knows how to engage in a conversation with adults. Nowadays, she can even get too loud for indoors, it shows that she is free to be herself. She is excelling at school and in sports. I am so proud of my girl.


Dear Cyclists,

As race day draws nearer, we continue to be encouraged by the number of people stepping up to ride for those in need. Starting the year with a humble target of 50 cyclists, we are very proud to say that only 10 slots remain to be filled.

As you ready yourself through training and as you rally people to raise the amount pledged, be strengthened and encouraged by the fact that your efforts will have a resounding impact in the lives of the precious girls and boys who call Oasis Haven home. It is people like you, Team Oasis Haven, that can restore faith in humanity as you do your part in rescuing an orphan generation…one child, one pledge, one kilometer at a time.

For more on Team Oasis Haven and any last minute information, contact Ivan.


Over the month of November, Oasis Haven is launching Coming to the Table, a sustainable response to South Africa’s orphan crisis.

Watch the Coming to the Table video and see how you can take part in this exciting initiative that brings people together through food and conversation. Also see our overview for further details.


Orphan Sunday & Coming to the Table
- November 2012

Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge

- 18 November 2012


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