Our Family Homes

Oasis Haven is committed to providing a family for children in need of permanent care. For most, our Family Homes will be a temporary placement until children are matched with their adoptive families. For those that we cannot place, we commit to be their family for as long and as best we can.

In our Family Homes, children receive comprehensive care according to their individual needs. We work with various schools and an army of therapists to ensure each child’s academic, developmental, and emotional needs are met. Alongside medical professionals and various specialists, we make sure our children receive the nutrition and medical attention necessary for their optimum health and growth. Most importantly, we rely on an incredible team of staff members and volunteers who provide loving care within a family environment.

The Family Home Model


Each Family Home has “houseparents” who are responsible for being mom and dad to the children in that house. They live in the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are supported by a team who uphold them in their roles as parents. These are people of various backgrounds and life experiences, who share a clear calling to provide family for children who have no family.

Limited size of the homes

The size of each Family Home is limited to a maximum of 10 children. As very few natural families have more than 10 children, this parameter ensures that each child’s individual needs are identified and addressed.

Limited interaction with outsiders

Visitors to our Family Homes are limited to people who have long-term relationships with the children. As many other children’s homes have learned, short-term relationships can be highly detrimental to children who have been abandoned. This, combined with the desire to protect the family environment, has led us to develop boundaries and processes around visitations and volunteers.

Like most natural families, our children are taught about appropriate interactions with strangers. Their home is a place that is safe, where the people who visit them are part of their “extended family”.

Receiving Children

Through the social welfare system, we receive children who have been utterly abandoned.

Where we can, we support the responsibility of biological family in caring for the needs of their children. We do this by introducing families in need to the appropriate social welfare representatives and helping with various supplies where possible.

For Oasis Haven to be able to accept a child into our Family Homes, the child must either:

  • Have been utterly abandoned by his/her caregivers,
  • Have parents who have severed their parental rights willingly, or
  • Have parents whose parental rights are being investigated and restricted by the state.

We admit children from 0 – 5 years, but accommodate them until they age out of the system at 21.

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