We cannot fulfill our vision without your help. Volunteer teams multiply our efforts in extending God’s Kingdom more rapidly. We desire to provide an opportunity for you, your church and your organization to achieve your destiny in God. One way we can accomplish this is through giving you an opportunity to be part of God’s redemptive plan in Zambia. A short-term visit is generally 1-3 weeks.

Contact us at if you would like to send a team. We look forward, in partnership with you, to start planning a life changing experience.

1. Requirements

Below are our prerequisites for all individuals who form part of a volunteer team. Your application, or request to send a team only initiates the invitation process. We will read your information and pray about how God may plan to use you here. We will appreciate your prayerful patience before making final plans until we have confirmed that your application is successful.

Those volunteering with us need to have a personal commitment to Christ Jesus and a hunger for a deeper walk with Him.
Volunteers need to be willing to submit to authority and demonstrate a servant’s heart. Unless traveling with a parent or team, visitors must be at least 18 years of age.

You need to be self-financed. You are responsible to raise your own support to cover both personal and work related expenses for the team. Samba Land is under no obligation to cover the costs of any work or projects you undertake under the auspices of Samba Land.

You need to be sent and recommended by your local church or Christian sending organization. We require a written recommendation and character references for team members. You’ll need proper ministry experience in line with the role you wish to fulfill while in Zambia.

We require that you are all covered with emergency medical insurance for the duration of your term in Zambia. This is essential for all who visit or work in Zambia, whether for a few days or several years. Most domestic medical insurance plans do not cover foreign travel, so check with your plan administrator to verify your coverage. If you need additional coverage, you can talk to your travel agent. Alternatively, you can give us proof that you have sufficient finances in case of any emergency.

We will send you a letter of invitation that will be necessary for your visa application. Individuals from most countries will be able to get their ‘Business Visa’ upon arrival in Zambia. It is your responsibility to confirm details with the Zambian Embassy in your country of relevance.

Your team leader will need to submit the following completed and signed forms and documents for each member of your team to the Zambia Project’s leadership upon your arrival in Zambia:

2. Information we Need

To assist us with our planning and with drawing up your team’s ministry program while in Zambia, please provide us with the following as soon as you have the details:

  • Arrival and departure dates.
  • The number of members in your team as well as their names and ages.
  • Please also send us the area that each individual wishes to be involved, his or her gifting, skills & experience.

The list can look something like this:

  • Peter Miller, 25 years old. Would like to work with orphans, is a gifted piano player and has experience in teaching pre-scholars for 3 years.
  • Susan Strauss, 50 years old. Would like to work with vulnerable women, loves knitting and has led a cell group at church for 4 years.

We strive as best we can to place individuals where they would like to serve, but our respective ministry leaders might not be available, or it might not fit into your team’s program.

Planning you Trip

1. Dates

We are accessible at all times during the year. Outreaches are possible all year in and around Livingstone. School holidays are our busiest times and our advice is to set your dates at least six months in advance so that we can book the time for your team to visit.

We advise that you plan to spend a minimum of seven days in Zambia itself and then add your travel dates onto that. It usually takes between two days to drive up from South Africa depending on the route you take and the number of vehicles in your convoy. Teams flying in from the States generally take two to three days to reach Livingstone.

2. Transport

It is possible to reach Livingstone with a normal vehicle from South Africa if you drive via Bostwana and through Francistown, but 4×4 models are the best option and the only vehicles suitable for outreaches to the villages. Larger teams from neighboring countries like South Africa and Namibia are most effective if they can come up in their own 4×4′s. Having your own transport alleviates the problem of your team not being able to visit needy communities in remote and far-off places.

Some of our visitors use the option of flying to Livingstone. We are able to provide camping accommodation at Sambaland and transport and camping equipment for small teams. This might be your only viable option if your team is flying in or from oversees.

3. Preparation

It would be beneficial if you could start planning your trip at least four to six months in advance. Your accommodation will be camping while at Samba Land and in the villages during your outreach. You will need to bring all your own camping equipment and you are responsible for every aspect of your trip including purchasing and preparing food for the entire team. You will be assigned a host by the Zambia Project to assist you with all the logistics while you are with us. For more information on the planning of your trip and what you need to bring with you, please download the following documents:

4. Involvement

We believe that there is something important for anyone to do who wishes to be part of a short-term team to Zambia! Teams consist of different people with a variety of different gifts, skills, experience and personalities. We would like each member of your team to serve in an area where they choose. Below are some of the options you can consider, depending on the make-up and experience of your team:

  • Church Planting
  • Leadership Training
  • Discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Sports Ministry
  • Prayer and Intercession
  • Medical Assistance
  • Primary health care
  • Agriculture
  • Biblical teachings
  • Information Technology
  • Vehicle Mechanics
  • Building & maintenance
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Skills development
  • Orphan work
  • Photography
  • Music and worship

Your team may focus on more than one ministry. For example, some team members may do leadership training while others are involved in children’s programs or sports ministries. For those involved with ministry, it is recommended for everyone to be able to evangelise, share their personal testimonies and be prepared to lead someone to the Lord with relevant scriptures.

5. Training

Your first day in Zambia will be set aside for orientation and training, relevant to your area of focus. We also advise teams who will be involved in ministry to arrange training dates and material for their entire team before their trip commences.

Topics to consider include:

  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Sharing personal testimonies
  • Presenting a clear and relevant salvation message
  • Biblical story telling
  • Content for the teachings each individual will do
  • Prayer and intercession
  • Biblical basis of Missions
  • Team dynamics and conflict resolution

It will be fun to take your whole team camping for one night before your trip. It provides a team building exercise, you can check all your equipment and for anyone who has never camped before, it is a quick introduction to camp life.

6. Building Teams

A valuable way of contributing to extending God’s Kingdom is through using the skills that God has given you. Building teams play a vital role in assisting us to be more effective. We are trusting the Lord to do incredible things in Livingstone and we would love for you to help us make them possible.

We invite you to sponsor goal or contribute towards making them happen.

Check out our Goals so that you can see what we feel God is pressing on our hearts!

1. Visas

When you enter the country, you need to show our ‘Letter of Invite’ at Immigration. The officers need to stamp your passport with a 30-day business visit VISA, as you will be volunteering for a non-profit organization. You will not be charged for this if you are a South African. (Volunteers from most other countries need to pay $50 USD for a single entry and $80 USD for a multiple entry. It is your responsibility to confirm the VISA details with the Zambian Embassy in your country of residence before your departure.

2. Transport

If you do not have your own vehicles you will need to make use of public transport in and around Livingstone, as well as to villages. Please budget $220 (R2640) per week for a team of 10 people.

3. Communication

You can please budget around $35 (R420) for communication via a Mobile/Cell phone. We have a limited bandwidth on our Internet connection at Samba Land (our base). If you need to make a SKYPE call, please discuss this with the Sambaland leadership before hand so we can help assist. If you need to make more regular SKYPE calls, or download video clips you will need to make use of the internet café in town at your own cost.

4. Accommodation at Sambaland

You will be camping in your own tents and use our campsite ablutions (showers and Longdrop’s). Although we do not charge our volunteer teams for accommodation, we do appreciate a contribution towards security, water, etc. An average contribution would we around $4 (R50) per person per day.

5. Personal

Your personal expenses really depend on you. Some buy and eat the basic local food available and others buy more expensive groceries at Shoprite/Spar. Shoprite/Spar is a grocery store that sells most of the general items for everyday use. Some people may want to buy souvenirs. With all of these variables in lifestyle it is hard to predict what you will spend. Food items generally cost about double the price in Zambia compared to prices in America and South Africa. We suggest student teams to budget around $9 (R100) per person per day for food. We kindly request that you also budget for our local leaders’ (interpreters) food if you will be part of an outreach to a village. Budget for 1 interpreter for every 4 volunteers in your team.


Many of our visitors are very generous, both financially and through gifts and supplies they donate to Samba Land. We require that all donations of supplies, as well as cash donations, be given directly to the full-time leadership team for distribution to ensure that they are expended in keeping with the ministry’s current priorities and needs. If you wish to designate a particular area to benefit from your contribution, we will certainly honour your intention as much as possible.

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