Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to care for abandoned children, place them in families and equip others to do the same.

Our Mission

Our picture of success is to acquire, equip and establish another three Family Homes within Johannesburg that, together with our existing homes, will care for abandoned children whilst we facilitate the adoption process for each child entrusted to our care. We will develop our capability to train other like-minded organizations in our Family Home care model both within South Africa and neighbouring countries and strengthen our association with local and international agencies.

Long-term Ambition

Our longer term ambition is to train families, communities, churches and other organisations in the Family Home Care Model, so that together we can effectively provide quality family care to the vast quantity of children who have no family.

With the immense scope and scale of the orphan emergency in Sub-Saharan Africa, we recognize that Oasis Haven alone will not be able to reach all abandoned children with the time and resources available. Additionally, we are very clear that we are not the only solution to this problem. We are called to be a part of the solution, as all people both in South Africa and around the globe take responsibility for this burning issue.

We are convinced that “Family” is the key ingredient to effectively dealing with the orphan emergency. This means sharing about and advocating for adoption, equipping and preparing families to adopt and training other organisations in facilitating adoptions for the children in their care. In addition, we are confident that the basic principles involved in the Family Home Care Model can be applied to almost any child-care scenario and are committed to effectively implementing the model.