Who We Are

Oasis Haven Family Manifesto

Welcome. This family loves adding new members to its family. We recognise your journey to become part of our family might not have been easy or conventional. None of our journeys were. We want to hear your story and walk with you through any beauty and pain that your future might hold.

You are part of our family now. Kick off your shoes and put your feet on the sofa. Our family is a safe space where we can be authentic, vulnerable and practice courage. Remember, beautiful, flawed, creative human beings live here so you’ll need to practice forgiveness, kindness, honest expression and understanding to get along.

Faith is the foundation of our family. It’s why we open our homes. It’s how we keep our doors open. And it’s the faith we place not only in Jesus, but in one another, that helps us do hard things and help one another pursue our greatest dreams.

We rise by lifting others. We know it isn’t easy to defend the vulnerable, but we know it’s mighty brave to do the right thing, especially when it’s unpopular.

We show gratitude. We cheer for each other. We own our mistakes and learn from them. We laugh lots (often at ourselves). We are always there for our family. We aren’t perfect but we’ll always be a family you belong to.

Oasis Haven Of Love Foundation

  • Oasis Haven of Love Foundation is a registered Section 21 company (NPO 021-289) in South Africa, with an active and diverse Board of Directors.
  • Oasis Haven has a Section 18A tax certification (18/11/13/4329) in South Africa, which allows companies who donate to receive a tax deduction on all South African donations.
  • Oasis Haven is also a registered Child & Youth Care Centre in terms of Section 30 of the Children’s Act 74 of 1983 of South Africa.
  • Although affiliated to New Creation Family Church, Oasis Haven is run independently with a separate set of books, bank accounts, board of directors and internal processes.

Oasis Haven US

Oasis Haven US (“OHUS”) is approved as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. Federal income tax law requires us to inform you that no goods or services were provided to you in return for your gift. Therefore, within the limits prescribed by law, consistent with IRC Section 170 the full amount of your gift is tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID # is 90-0498536.

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